Vacation on the cheap packages: Weighing the pros and cons

Rest in the package: What's in the box?

What is a package holiday and whether they should all? The short answer, of course not. Roughly speaking, two different types of travelers; those who prefer the independence of immediate relaxation and those who prefer the convenience to arrange everything for them. In particular, seven & # 39; ads vacation package has some obvious advantages over nepakupnym.

Value for money

Rest on the package "all inclusive" usually includes flights, accommodation, meals and drinks even the elect. The package often comes with a full itinerary of events, holidays, events, and if you are lucky, might be also an abandoned children's services. This is perhaps the biggest attraction, because it does not attempt to entertain the kids, as well as finding time to relax can strain any of the parents. If you want to & # 39; there & # 39; out & # 39; nothing will stop you, but for any extra-curricular activities and restaurants will have to pay yourself. Package "all inclusive" allows absolute control over expenses, so it is still an excellent option for those who have a tight budget.

Quality or quantity

The biggest drawback to a holiday "all inclusive" – ​​is that it is mass-produced. mass production does not mean quality, and in fact it could mean just the opposite. The main reason that the packages are so cheap, it's the fact that most elements (including strictly planned trips) are made with a low cost, and, unfortunately, it sometimes appears. Although convenience and price & # 39 are attractive, the real price is sometimes quality.

How flexible?

Package tours and trips these days are flexible and usually include a lot of free time. This makes them perfect for families when you visit interesting places, meet new people, but still have time to do everything for themselves. The drawback with & # 39 is that you do not get the same amount of flexibility, and if you do not get better with a group, it can be a real headache; especially if the route difficult and the food is awful. Moreover, you pay ahead and win money for missed trips, events, or poor-quality food.

alternative proposals

This is probably the aspect of price and quality, which like most of the people, and the truth is that for many of the seven & # 39; ads this sura & # 39; oznaya opportunity. You need to choose wisely; find holidays that involve activities that you enjoy and avoid those who are very full of trails. The price may seem cheap, but check out the alternatives as you can find incredible discounts, such as «Kids Go Free»; that offers the same great value, but a lot more freedom.