Welcome to the B & # 39; etnam – budget heavenly journey

In the & # 39; etnam become a very popular destination of travel. People put in the & # 39; etnam on your route to 2 main reasons: a trip to In & # 39; etname – it's a great deal for the budget-minded travelers, and when they arrive at AT & # 39; etnam, they are met by great masters.

Airline tickets to In & # 39; etnam – a bargain when you make a purchase. You can be in Hoshymin (known as Saigon to about & # 39; etnamtsy south) from the US west coast in less than 19 hours, and it includes the time an hour.

Internal transport cheaper! A ticket to the open tour bus from Saigon to Hanoi costs less than $ 30.00, and you can see some of the most beautiful scenery that can be represented. You do not want to take the bus? Comfortable trains and fast planes available. The two-hour flight from Saigon to Hanoi costs about $ 100.00.

Tourist hotels are inexpensive and attractive. Staff helpful and polite. You can travel from town to town without a reservation, and always find suitable accommodation.

As mentioned earlier, the fabulous landscape – misty mountains, lush green rice hooks to the sunny beach. The In & # 39; etname is about 5 & # 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Halong Bay. Bring along two cameras – you probably znoshvaetsesya.

I saved the best for last. In the & # 39; etnamskaya kitchen is amazing. Most of the restaurants are still receiving daily rates in the local market. Fresh herbs, spices, vegetables and local meat make excellent dishes. Seafood and chicken – a dish, as well as dishes of pork and beef. In the & # 39; etnamskaya food at the same time light and flavorful. East and a little French influence to create the right mix for the western sky.

Do not hesitate to enter in the & # 39; etnam in their travel plans. You did not win. And you won & forget.